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Our mission at Novak Kicking and Consulting is to create the perfect athlete. We believe that kickers, punters, and long snappers should be the best version of themselves.


On any given kick there are hundreds of elements happening even before you take your first step. We focus on every single one of those details at Novak Kicking and Consulting. From the ball set-up, to your alignment, to your approach and approach angle, to your shoulder and hip placement, to your head positioning — all need to be perfect in order to be successful.

With the use of today’s technology, we are able to analyze angles and compare kicks to one another. What is your plant leg doing? How about your shoulders, hips, body lean, plant foot, width and depth? We will show you where to look, what to focus on, and work with you on sharpening and strengthening your mental approach. There is no detail that will be left unexamined. Whether you are a two-step or three-step kicker, we will decipher and unlock the code to your success.


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